What documents will we need?

We ask you to prepare any construction documents (layout, drawings, technical description) that you have by the time we arrive to do the measurements. We will also need the lot number of your property to be certified which can be found on the property sales contract or the property deed.

Having your energy certification has never been faster and simpler

Having your energy certification has never been faster and simplerHaving your energy certification has never been faster and simpler

Since January 2009 it has been compulsory to get an energy certification for any newly built and public buildings, and since 2012 it has been compulsory for older buildings as well. Today you can’t sell a building without an energy certification, however, many people don’t even know about it, and as a result they get into unpleasant and unexpected situtations.

What is exactly an energy certification?

What is exactly an energy certification?

An energy certification shows how much the house/ flat meets the different energy requirements: in brief, how much energy is necessary to maintain the building.

Amongst others it includes the rate of heat insulation, the condition of doors and windows, heating system, the modernity and efficiency of water heating equipment.

The better classification the building gets, the more economical its maintenance is, so the less you need to spend on heating, or water heating.

And of course, a home with an AA+ classification can be sold at a lot higher price than a home with a CC classification – so it is very wise to ask for an energy certification well before selling the building, and not to wait with it until the last moment.

Our energy certification is valid for 10 years, but it is important to know that if any serious change is made to the property (e.g. the walls are heat insulated later, there is a change in the heating system) you will need a new certification.

Spring SALES!

Protect the environment and choose electronic delivery!

  • It’s faster: you can get it even on the day of order.
  • It’s safer: because of the coronavirus you may find it safer to avoid direct physical contact with the delivery man
  • It’s greener: take a small step for your environment!

If you buy a real estate in 3 months and the partner entrusts our lawyer office to make the sales contract, we provide a 50.000,- Ft discount from the lawyer’s fee. You can also choose the place of making the contract: Budapest, district II., III., V., VI., VII., IX., XI., XIII., XIX., altogether 12 places!
Details can be found next to the certification, after the receipt of the certification.

In case of flats, detached houses in Budapest – with survey on the spot

Promotional energy certification prices only this week!

Flats Houses
Terület Bruttó ár Terület Bruttó ár
0-40 m2 18.990 Ft 0-80 m2 23.990 Ft
41-120 m2 20.990 Ft 81-120 m2 25.990 Ft
121-160 m2 22.990 Ft 121-160 m2 27.990 Ft
161-200 m2 24.990 Ft 161-200 m2 29.990 Ft
201-300 m2 26.990 Ft 201-300 m2 31.990 Ft

In case of flats, detached houses all over the country – with survey on the spot

Flats Houses
Terület Bruttó ár Terület Bruttó ár
0-40 m2 22.990 Ft 0-80 m2 27.990 Ft
41-120 m2 24.990 Ft 81-120 m2 29.990 Ft
121-160 m2 26.990 Ft 121-160 m2 31.990 Ft
161-200 m2 28.990 Ft 161-200 m2 33.990 Ft
201-300 m2 30.990 Ft 201-300 m2 35.990 Ft


Our energy certification prices are gross prices, given in Forints and include all expenses.

You can make your order on this phone number: 06 - 70 / 235 – 0114 – if it is engaged, we will call you back!
Ask for our free order-taking service and we will call you!

From 8.00 a.m to 8.00 p.m. any weekday morning

Or make your order here and fill our form.

(A property in a terraced house is classified as a detached house. A call-out fee is charged only when a place is considerably far from major cities. It should not be more than a few thousand Forints, but you will be informed about it before your order is taken.)

Property valuation

The purpose is to define the market value of the property.


We undertake the valuation of apartments, detached houses, holiday homes, sites, business-purpose properties all over the country. For taking your order we need the details of the property. We forward the details to our colleague entitled to take measures in the region, who will call you to make an appointment with you for measuring.  

In all cases it is necessary to survey the property on the spot, so that we can identify and document with photos the factors that influence the value– accessibility, environment, basic area, structure, heating, doors and windows, infrastructure. It is essential for determining the value of the property.

After the calculation we make a documentation and send it to you by delivery service.

Necessary documents

We may need different kinds of documents depending on the type of the property we want to valuate. In all cases we need the property deed which is not older than 60 days. (In case you are not able to provide a property deed not older than 60 days, we apply for these documents on an extra payment: copy of the map: 2500,- Ft, property deed: 4000,- Ft.) Furthermore:

in case of sites: copy of the map

apartments: layout (if there is one), TAO/proceedings of Housing Association statutory meeting (in case the property is not marked by a street number or door number)

detached houses: copy of the map, layout (if there is one), occupancy permit (in case of non-identifiable buildings, or a built-in attic, extra floor, extension), occupancy rate or occupancy layout (undivided common property)

Flats Houses
Terület Bruttó ár Terület Bruttó ár
0-40 m2 22.990 Ft 0-80 m2 27.990 Ft
41-120 m2 24.990 Ft 81-120 m2 29.990 Ft
121-160 m2 25.990 Ft 121-160 m2 31.990 Ft
161-200 m2 26.990 Ft 161-200 m2 33.990 Ft
201-300 m2 27.990 Ft 201-300 m2 35.990 Ft

In case of ordering both the energy certification and the property valuation at the same time we give you a 50% discount on the marked price of property valuation.

The property valuation price includes:

  • Call-out fee
  • Survey on the spot
  • Prepararation of the expert’s report
  • Delivery service fee

The property valuation fee for empty sites is 11.990,- Ft, in all other cases (holiday homes, offices, workshops, plants) ask for our price customized to fit your needs.

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